Jobs for People with disabilities at TheBridesMaidParty

Are you a disabled person looking for a job?

As an inclusive company, we are offering fair and equal opportunities. If you have a disability or multiple disabilities it doesn't matter and you are welcome to apply. All our jobs for disabled people come with the same benefits as the jobs for non-disabled workers. We are aware that disabled people might need specific accommodation so feel free to let us know before applying to any of the jobs open to disabled.

Why working with TheBridesMadeParty

After spending more than twenty five years in the bridal industry, Wedding specialist, entrepreneur, mother of two and founder of The Bridesmaid Party, Judy, is advocating for the empowerment and financial strength, and freedom for HIV women in Africa.


With her entrepreneurial spirit, she has owned and operated four East Coast bridal salons and assisted in the startup of Boston based bridal salon, she gained a quick following of clients. Heidi has a great understanding of tradition and beauty mixed with a contemporary appeal, and strives to find that perfect dress for her client’s wedding day. Always passionate for more in her career, and the deep desire to provide happiness to people, The Bridesmaid Party was born. Heidi’s core mission of the company is to harness economic power for poverty stricken women, while creating social and environmental awareness through “The Donate Your Dress Program” textile recycling program. Heidi wants each customer to feel special, while they are making a large impact on someone else’s lives.


Heidi has seen the lack of commitment in style and service with bridesmaids. Through extensive research, bridesmaids love being a bridesmaid, but are tired of purchasing dresses that hang in their closet after the wedding. Her philosophy is to help her clients select a dress and coordinating accessories that they can wear again. Staying connected with the latest bridal fashions in the industry is key. The Bridesmaid Party celebrates the stylish side in us, with the most fashion forward accessories, personalized jewelry, handbags, lingerie and extraordinary gifts. Giving Back The Bridesmaid Party was founded on the beliefs to: Build a company about people helping people.


Fulfill customers' demand by providing premium, unique products. Be a leader in the bridal industry Retrain, teach and provide materials to enhance micro businesses resulting in financial freedom, health and well being for themselves and their families. .